Coach Mearns Growing Runners philosophy is based on the following foundational principle:

“What makes young distance runners better 

also makes them better people.” 

The fundamental truth of this foundational principle was proven over and over again in the training systems of legendary coaches like the late Percy Cerutty, Bill Bowerman, Arthur Lydiard, Bob Giegengack and Bill Dellinger, and again more recently in the programs of champion runners turned super coaches like Villanova’s Marcus O’Sullivan, American University’s Matt Centrowitz and Nike’s Alberto Salazar.

GRTC’s founder and coach, Drew Mearns, has distilled the essence and lessons of these and many other coaching masters into a three-part approach based on 12 principles that serious young distance runners (with the support and help of their coaches and parents) can put into practice right away no matter where they live and train.

Practice sessions in training programs built on these solid GR principles produce both racing PR’s and more confident, focused, and mature young men and women.

When runners talk about their “PRs” they’re usually just talking about their personal best times. But “PR” can also mean personal improvement, transformation, or achievement of leadership goals of any kind … in other words simply becoming better.

Serious runners and coaches already know that PRs come from practice, from training over time. But the most successful ones know that practice sessions are just part of programs or systems built on solid training principles. Underneath principles, of course, is the will or desire on a runner’s part (parents and coaches too) to go faster, to tap into their true potential, to improve … and to grow!

That’s why Growing Runners’ transformational approach STARTS with solid principles, then INTRODUCES the programs, practice and workout strategies that PRODUCE results … faster times, consistent improvement, and better relationships with teammates, coaches and parents.

When young runners learn and accept the underlying principles, they begin to better understand exactly how their training plans and programs are supposed to work, and when that happens they’re more prepared to train and compete. The reward is steady (sometime even immediate) improvement — and with progress the transformational process repeats itself over and over!

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