Mental Skills for Young Runners (Introduction)

The Growing Runner’s Approach to Mental Training Introducing a mental training variation on GR’s “PR Pyramid” … If you listen to top distance runners describe that ONE THING made the biggest difference in their personal performance breakthrough, chances are pretty good that you won’t hear about a particular workout.  But I bet you’ll almost always hear about […]

Six-Time Olympian and Former World Record Holder Anne Audain Visits GRTC July 31st!

That’s right! Anne Audain, a New Zealand native, Olympian six times over, former World Record holder in the women’s 5k (15:13), and the first professional female runner, is visiting Coach Mearns as part of GRTC’s program. The “Evening with Olympian Anne Audain” will be held on July 31st at 7:30PM at the Williamsburg Community Chapel. The event will be free to GRTC members, their […]

Distance runners, are you really ready?

Running is more than just workouts that train the physical body. To reach your highest potential, you must also engage and train the mind and spirit as well. That’s what Coach Mearns Growing Runners program and the GRTC are all about – getting you ready to train properly, to compete well in high school or […]

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